This is the first webinar in our Time is Money series of webinars and blog posts. We’ll be going in-depth on how NopSec allows its customers to be more secure and saves them money at the same time. It’s all about saving time throughout the vulnerability management process.

    This webinar will focus on vulnerability prioritization. NopSec shortens the decision process by automatically analyzing the risk of vulnerabilities causing a breach. The webinar covered:

    • Achieving better visibility with Unified VRM, NopSec’s flagship vulnerability management product

    • Using machine learning to better prioritize vulnerabilities

    • The importance of NopSec’s offensive security expertise and feedback loops

    ..And more.

The Speaker
Adrian Sanabria
Adrian serves as VP of Strategy and Product Marketing where he focuses on higher-level market strategy and communicating NopSec's vision. He has nearly two decades of experience in information security, half of which was spent building security programs and defending large financial services organizations. As a seasoned practitioner, Adrian advocates good cyber hygiene and best practices for companies of all sizes and is passionate about solving pain points related to validating and interpreting vulnerability data. In a former role as a research analyst for 451 Research, Adrian worked closely with vendors and investors to identify emerging technologies and market opportunities.