This webinar covered:

    Understand the shortcomings of CVSS as a prioritization mechanism

    How to Build a Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Program

    Lessons learned and key takeaways to share with your team and business stakeholders

    BONUS DISCUSSION - Colonial Pipeline Breach Demystified: How it Happened and How It Can Be Avoided.

    ...And more!

The Speaker
Steve Finegan

Steve Finegan serves as NopSec’s Senior Director of Product Management. His primary focus is on ensuring Unified VRM remains the most effective threat and vulnerability management (TVM) product for prioritizing and communicating information security risk. Steve is an experienced leader in Product Management with over 15 years in the enterprise information security industry. He held senior product management roles at Adobe, Resolver (RiskVision) and GuardianEdge Technologies. Steve has a proven track record helping both customers solve some of their most challenging cybersecurity risk-related problems and early stage cyber security technology companies accelerate growth and scale products for enterprise markets.