Each year brings technology improvements at an exponentially higher rate, which only serves to bait cyber criminals to come up with new strategies and tools. This year, NopSec predicts that the biggest cyber threats will include massive data breaches, ransomware, opportunistic crypto-mining attacks and IoT hacking.  NopSec also presents The Black Swan Theory for Vulnerability Risk Management’ as a method for predicting future threats and vulnerabilities that often seem unpredictable. 


Ransomware dominated the news cycles in 2017 and we don’t expect that to change in 2018. New trends, like Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) will increase the volume and impact of ransomware.
The Black Swan Theory for Vulnerability Management, developed by NopSec, aims to describe a method for predicting ‘black swan’ cyber threats more reliably.
Cryptocurrency has been a game changer for the criminal world. The availability of anonymous currency with no geo-political ties has allowed criminals to cut down on the number of steps necessary to get paid and cuts down on risk.